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  • Total surveillance solution provide a complete range of cctv security and surveillance solution
    Total surveillance solution Company is a registered organization based in kolkata west bengal, we provides cost effective turnkey security systems and solutions.
    Our Primary focus is to secure Residential,Commercial Spaces,Factory, Financial Institutions and High-Risk Premises which include the inmates,
    Valuable Assets, VIPs, Concerts and Functions, etc..
    We supply, install & maintain CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems & Intruder Alarm Systems. To control & protect perimeter, we provide Fences,
    Gates, Boom Barriers, Shutters, Bollards and Road Blockers. To protect Human Being we provide Armored Vest & Helmets. To secure wealth, we provide
    Safes, Security Doors, Deposit Lockers, Vaults, etc…Our other offerings include Metal Detectors, Baggage Scanners, Turnstiles, and Speedgates etc
    Our love for surveillance technology has made us serve the industry since 2005. We represent world-class Security brands.

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