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  • Globally threat perception is in increasing trend. The world has become an amphitheare of security risks. To counter and thwart these and safeguarding damage, loss and prosperity of the business, articulate execution and vigilance require qualitative and holistic approach. These are best delivered by the people who know how to address these problems and threats. Chandndrani Group is vowed to thwart these.

    We are in this businessfor almost two decades owing to honesty, integrity and accountability. We honour commitments to our valued customer and sancity of each contract. We blueprint the plan to ensure complete safety of men, materials and documents.

    We are one of the best reputed service providers in Banking Industry, PSUs, Financial Institutions, Corporates and others. We are now a hallmark. We are an institution powered by a team of dedicated, motivated, experienced and skilled professionals.

    We understand and give weightage to client's need and therefore are tuned to provede effective services with precision and pride always witha smiling face. Chandrani Group feels proud to contribute their might to National Security vis-a-vis upholding the spirit of the security and safety.

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