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  • Siddhant Technologies is a company engaged in providing Engineering Services and Solutions. The company was set up in September 2007 and has since established it self locally, catering to the needs of clients in and around Bangalore. We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is key for the success of the company and our employees are our strength to fulfill the vision.

    Since from last 12 years we are into Mechanical Domain and from last 8 years we are also providing manpower(outsourcing) to IT companies on Software Development/Testing. We are also providing service on Power Electronics since 5 years. We have amassed extensive experience in the product development lifecycle and have matured into a dependable outsourcing partner, providing substantial value and savings to our clients. Siddhant Technologies has a unique Joint-Venture (JV) model of partnering with emerging companies to create their own dedicated delivery centers by leveraging our facilities, infrastructure, domain expertise, and expert engineers. We deliver business value - beyond mere offshore advantages; increased quality, lowered costs, and faster turnaround times. We align our people locally with our clients business to ensure they get greater value from their offshore experience and “make offshoring work for them”.

    Since its inception in September 2007, the Company has been in the outsourcing industry and product development services, servicing clients thousands of miles away, maturing into a core dependable extension of a client's internal team. Siddhant Technologies has extensive experience in providing outsourced software development, setting up R&D facilities, game development and independent testing services. With our deep enterprise solutions capabilities our professionals can help in designing, building and managing the innovative solutions that enable high performance. At Siddhant Technologies, we are committed to helping you achieve enterprise-wide benefits and seize new opportunities for growth. Siddhant Technologies takes enterprise solutions to a new level, focusing on the performance of the whole enterprise.

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