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  • Our company, Aankhe Security Systems, is one in every of the famous dealer, distributer and repair supplier for every kind of latest technology security instrumentation. we have a tendency to area unit based mostly in urban center and area unit extensively engaged in providing a broad pallet of security systems needed for numerous police work functions.

    Aankhe - a well CCTV Security & Surveillance system firm founded in 2016, we are leading and professionally managed CCTV Security & closed-circuit television, hearth Safety system, communication system and A/V system measuring system based mostly within the town of city kolkta, India. We offer comprehensive system style, installation, authorisation and after-sales support services for comes at par with international standards. Our solutions square measure offered for enterprises, company and government sectors primarily situated within the japanese & North-Eastern region of Asian country. We tend to do undertake comes at pan Asian country level.

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