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  • Welcome to MBT Traders, the prime source to all your IT & surveillance needs. With our roots deeply imbedded in the IT industry, we're committed to offer you the best customer service and an excellent user experience. We believe in laying our foundations strong, especially when we're building a relationship- starting from your first visit, to your first buy and till the time your product reaches you, MBT monitors every step with utmost perfection to turn that first buy into hundredth. We provide you with the very best of IT & surveillance products, with an emphasis on quality, timely delivery and reliability. With an industry experience spanning over 25 years, we are associated with more than 20 brands that provide you with high-end gaming solutions to cater all your basic needs when it comes to computing.

    Is your system slow? Or is it just "not too fast"? Up your game, literally- with MBT. With a wide range of products to choose from, we continuously strive to DELIVER YOUR NEEDS, not matter how big or small. Apart from providing value for money deals we also ensure that we equip our customers with latest products and technological advancements.

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