Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of IndianPortals deals with the collection, possession, storage, handling and dealing of personal information/data of the users of the site.

All the users must read and understand this Privacy Policy as it has been cofified to protect the user’s privacy.

Collection of information :

While registering with our site, we collect user information including name, company name, email address, phone/mobile number, postal address and other business information.

A registered user is not anonymous to us and hence all the information provided by you shall be stored and used in order to provide you with the requisite services.

We also gather and store the user’s usage statistics such as IP addresses and pages viewed, browsing activities etc., to provide you with enhanced experience and value added services.

Purpose and usage of information :

The following are the purposes of collecting the Information:
• For the verifying your identity, eligibility, registration and to provide customized services.
• For facilitating the services offered/available on the site.
• For advertising, marketing, displaying & publication.
• For authorizing contact with the users of the site, so that the users may maximize business opportunities.
• For sending communications, notifications, newsletters and customized mailers etc.
Please get in touch with us (mention email address of IndianPortal) in case you intend to challenge any purpose of data processing.

Safety guidelines:

All members are held accountable for the safety of their personal information. We recommend that members do not disclose their names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information online.

Uploading personal photos on any website makes them visible to everyone on the internet and anyone viewing it can download it as well. IndianPortal shall not be held responsible for any such offence.

Incase any member fails with the comply with the above rules of conduct at any time, IndianPortal reserves the right to terminate the membership of the member and / or delete all their contributions (either temporarily or permanently) from the site, conditioned of the character and severity of the breach.