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  • SVARNA Textiles Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of exclusive hand-woven and machine-woven fabrics, scarves, and madeups from India. Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, we have been well known for our high quality and timely delivery of orders for the last 16 years among top names in the international fashion world. Our principal markets for export business are in Japan, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and the USA where we have well established long standing relationships with a large base of customers, including distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and private-label select shops. Our specialty handloom textiles include Khadi,  a handspun and handwoven cotton fabric which is the current rage and textile of choice in both domestic and international fashion. Our Khadi range of smart-casual clothing fabrics and scarves is being sought by the best brands and labels to be a big part of their premium collections.

    Khadi apart, the scarf range at SVARNA encompasses all kinds of natural fibres and yarns including viscose, modal, linen, cotton, silk, wool, and their wonderful blends in yarn dyed wovens from solids, chambrays, stripes, checks, to specialty jacquards in choice of colours and textures for our discerning clientele. Our prints are precise whether on screen or in digital formats.

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