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  • Decision makers in the Ethical Textile business are sensitive to environmental issues and wish to be sure that their products are made according to socially and ecologically responsible business practices. They want to change the way business is done internationally and their product sourcing is part of the change.

    On the production end of this chain, there are very few truly dedicated actors. Most are merely looking to extend their conventional business by adding organics to their production activities. Among the really committed few in Organic cotton manufacturing, is RCM, with their vertical chain of production for organic cotton textiles – from farmer to finished product.

    While as, the majority of factories produce organic cotton products as a sideline, RCM deals only in Organic and Fair Trade cotton, including mixes of organic cotton with other eco- fibers.

    Based in Kolkata, India, RCM, supports Fair Trade as validated and certified by FTO, but more importantly,

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