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  • Nagreeka embarked on its journey in 1953 with modest trading operations under Mr. I. L. Patwari and his family. Following nearly six decades of experience; the company built a reputation in over 40 countries and today; it has emerged as a leading manufacturer and exporter of plastic-coated aluminium and steel tapes and laminates, yarns, textiles, cotton along with aluminium and plastic containers.

    At Nagreeka, we believe in continuous technological upgradation and engaging in the best practices to achieve premium quality at competitive costs and prices. We pride ourselves on having a highly reliable team made up of qualified technocrats, finance and general management experts at the domestic as well as the international level. We also conduct continuous training sessions, sound human resource management practices in addition to providing opportunities for career growth and maintaining transparency at all levels of the organization.

    Thus, by leveraging a strong financial position, professional culture and collective experience; Nagreeka is propelling itself onto the next level of global commerce.

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