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  • In 1978, Siyaram’s came into being to weave your expression into outfits that you can don. Since then, they’ve been synonymous with dynamism and individuality which is neatly exhibited through their men’s fashion. The warmth of culture and the comfort of couture in each of its brands - Siyaram’s, J.Hampstead, Cadini, Oxemberg, Mozzo and Casa Moda (Home Furnishing) have given them the edge and the coveted space in your lives.

    Siyaram’s ably houses an annual production of over 80 million meters of fabrics annually. They provide a diverse range of fabrics such as polyester, viscose, polyester cotton, 100% cotton, 100% wool, 100% linen, TR, etc. Siyaram’s has garnered an expertise in every facet of production including weaving, dyeing, finishing, and garmenting. They’ve been manufacturing the finest quality of yarns that are impeccable in quality and finesse. Siyaram’s has also ventured into home-furnishing fabrics and has garnered massive popularity amongst homemakers.

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