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  • Like the beginning of most successful business stories, the birth of Candid Enterprise started with a dream. Our director Mr Hemant Gupta dreamt of creating a world class Fabric company which would be grounded on the principle of excellence. Since then the company has flourished to become a name recognized and respected not only for the superior quality of its products, but also for its strong values.

    Our ability to learn continuously has given us the flexibility and the nimbleness that is required for growth in changing and challenging times. What was initially started as a Candid Enterprise has now rapidly expanded to export its product to various countries like Spain,Italy, Germany, Mexico, U.S.A Taiwan, Japan, Cyrpus, Saudi Arabia and so on. . The company can today boast of an ever growing international client base for its entire range of products.

    A critical pillar in supporting any organization is the team which forms its core. The company has always believed in nurturing and retaining top talent. Our employees are encouraged to participate actively in decision making which in turn ensures continuous learning. Today, we are proud to be backed by a team of proficient individuals who have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to perform effectively and efficiently.

    Driven by the vision to excel, Candid Enterprise has scaled great heights in the field of entrepreneurship. Committed to advancement, we continue to reinvent ourselves by meeting fresh challenges with innovative solutions. Standing firm on the foundation of goodwill and trust, we are now surging ahead by venturing into new avenues.

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