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  • An enterprise of Andhra Pradesh Government, Lepakshi Corporation was set up in the year 1982 for the promotion, development and marketing of handicrafts besides implementing schemes for the welfare of artisans. Lepakshi’s vision - "An Empowered Artisan Community Thriving in an 'Enabling' Environment" guides the organization in its successful journey with a total of 12+2 Showrooms (12 in AP , 1 in Kolkata and 1 in New Delhi) across Andhar Pradesh and India.

    Brand Lepakshi has in fact become synonymous with Brand Andhra Pradesh and represents the cultural and artistic heritage of the state. True to its vision, Lepakshi has been at the forefront of promoting arts and crafts through its retail showrooms and expos all over, thereby earning a distinct identity for the brand.

    Intricate designs, amazing carvings, unparalleled finish and one of its kind attractive handicrafts, Lepakshi is the brand that one can identify as the much-cherished destination of arts and crafts hand-made by the skilled artisans of Andhra Pradesh. For more than three decades, Lepakshi has endeared itself to lovers of art and crafts and has introduced varied art forms of AP to the world and created a market for the products, that has economically benefited the artisans and craftsmen who are involved in creating exclusive masterpieces of the art.

    Musical instruments, paintings, jewellery, depictions of our puranas, Lepakshi is the place that appeals soulfully to your inner senses with novel pieces of art. Quality Handlooms, bags, delightful sarees and a host of other household items, thy destination is Lepakshi Handicrafts Emporium. Showcasing a range of art forms, right from Kondapalli Toys to wood carvings, Kalamkari paintings, Sandalwood products and Bobbili Veena and several other craft traditions, Lepakshi has highlighted the cultural milieu of Andhra Pradesh.

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