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  • Madhya Pradesh is the heart land of india which has a rich and glorius past,ancient sites of great dynasties,forts that still battle and tales the stories of horoism Love, Forest, Rivers, Mountains, Music, Folkloro and Culture.

    Mrignayani M.P.Govt. Emporium Kolkata is operated by M.P.Laghu Udyog Nigam Ltd. (M.P.Govt.Undertaking).The Corporation is devoted in development of small Scale and Cottage Industries of State. It encourages , promote and directs their growth by providing marketing assistance. Corporation also extends assistance to craftsmen and artisans.

    The Mrignayani Emporoum Kolkata is a unique marketing out let to display and sell a wide range of weaves and crafts which comprises poetry weaven in Chanderi , Maheswari Kosa/ Tussar sarees ,dress material, furnishings, handicrafts, jewellery and gift items.

    The highly developed skills of weavers, craftsmen and artisans reflects glory of cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh through their handloom and handicraft products . M.P. Laghu Udyog Nigam Ltd. Through Mrignayani Emporium Kolkata is rendering the needed support for the development and marketing of their handloom and handicraft products at Kolkata the place known for art lovers.

    Mrignayani M.P. Govt. Emporium Dakshinapan Dhakuria Kolkata was opened in the year 1986 with the joint initiative of Govt . of Madhya Pradesh and Govt. of West Bengal. Since then we are at the service of art loving people of Kolkata and Bengal by making available the unique and crafts of M.P. directly from the traditional wears and craftsmens.

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