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  • Ilandlo enables a whole new experience of selling exclusive indigeneous products through the online platform, breaking the barrier of being confined to a local area and traditional market system.It is a marketplace where sellers, skilled and talented individuals can sell and promote their work without any prior monetary investments.

    With the initial objective to promote and boost indigenous weavers, artisans, craftsmen, local artists, writers, fashion designers, small businesses enterprises and entrepreneurs to provide an alternative source of exposure and sustainable income, the concept, now, also runs parallel on opposite directions channeling in a free flow of business and services by introducing merchants from outside the state to sell their products at

     Ilandlo focuses its market presence in the global arena and importantly emphasizes on boosting the brand image of the seller and their products which gives them the opportunity to be showcased on a broader scale.

    We provide a platform where skills are appreciated and inspirations are created for people to keep following their passion.  We aim to create a channel, an alternate selling platform, to showcase their unique creations and play a role in helping them expand their businesses from the comfort of their own homes.

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