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  • Indian Handicrafts Company is one of the most reputed and well known companies based in New Delhi, India. We have been supplying authentic and unique Indian handicrafts to the world since many years. We manufacture and supply Handicrafts. Our products are elegant, stylish and traditional. As a leading supplier of Indian Handicrafts, we have been delighting the lovers of handicrafts all over the world with our products. Indian Handicrafts Company offers authentic work of art made by some of the most talented artisans from almost all parts of India including villages and remote areas.

    One of the main objectives for every business is to make profits and grow with the time. But, we feel fortunate because of the fact that when we profit the great and talented artisans too get benefited. We always endeavour to empower the 'Great Artisans' of India. Similarly, our business partners or retail buyers, too, contribute to the growth of these artisans who earn their livelihood through our website.

    Indian Handicrafts Company deals in Fusion of Metal handicrafts, Wooden handicrafts and Mosaic handicrafts. We cater to table top handicrafts, Metal Crafts, Metal handicrafts, ethnic fusion handicrafts, Gift items, Indian paintings, stone handicrafts, photo frames, sculptures, pottery, lamps & lighting, marble, stone art and Wall Arts in metal.

    We are constantly looking for partners in unrepresented areas in all the countries across the globe. We invite you to become our dealers or distributors. If you own a chain of stores, then also we can offer you our best wholesale prices. Contact us now!

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