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  • “Swapnopuron” is a Bengali word that translates as “a dream come true”.

    A group of like-minded people started the Swapnopuran Welfare Society (SWS) in 2012. The purpose was to improve the lives of poor and marginalized women and children through Child Education, Child Protection, Literacy Program, Women Employment, and Empowerment.

    The first English-medium CBSE school was started in 2012, on the small riverine island of Hingalgunj, located on the fringes of Sunderbans on the Ichamati river and adjoining the Indo-Bangladesh border. So far, SWS has educated over 1000 students up to standard five. Extensive plans make this school a Higher Secondary educational institution and reach out to more children in this region. To provide holistic education, our syllabus includes traditional disciplines like mathematics and English and various life-fulfilling activities like dramatics, yoga, dance, and art.

    At Swapnopuron, we believe that children should be given the opportunity to dream big and the tools to achieve their goals.

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