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  • Mr.K.Ros has started humanitarian work back in his college days (2001) on seeing the suffering due to poverty. He used to see a family where one Lady used to work very hard and she used to wear the same Saree every day. On asking why she works very hard, the answer shocks him. Her husband who is fighting for cancer is at an advanced stage and hospitalized. She is the only bread earner in the family, to support husband medical expenses and support 7 small kids. On hearing this Mr. Raushan start saving his pocket money and ask his college friends to contribute for her family cause. Since then he continue humanitarian work even after he complete his studies. After getting a Job from reputed company in Delhi, he continue his humanity work supporting orphanage, widow and poor. Raushan dedicated much of his life enlisting support for charitable work. As time goes some friend joint Mr.K. Raushan; As such

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