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  • Sanjog is a technical resource organization based in Kolkata, India, and registered as a society (2012). We work with governments, civil society organisations and businesses, as well as individuals and collectives to combat violence against children and women. Sanjog was formed in 2005, and comprises of a group of committed, passionate and skilled professionals from various sectors. Sanjog is legally registered as Kolkata Sanjog Initiatives under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. Our Governing Body is a team of 8 thought leaders in sectors ranging from mental health and social psychology, sociology, social work, to the criminal justice system, law, and organisational management. The executive team includes mid career professionals who have a personal commitment to the causes of child protection, gender justice and social equity. Each programme is led by a programme director. This allows for leadership to foster within the organization. It also separates the role of the organisational director from that of programme directorship. A joint management committee comprising of 3 members forms the management body making decisions on operations. Policy decisions are referred to the Board. Sanjog’s strategic plans and role are influenced by internal as well as external stakeholders, including all its partners – the government agencies it works with, partner organisations (other international and national nonprofit organisations) – and, most importantly, the constituencies it works with (survivors of violence, communities affected by violence, children in vulnerability).

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