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  • If social development is about doing good, NGOBOX can claim to have facilitated doing good, better.
    Having completed three years of our inception, we can define ourselves, as a leading and unique online development sector platform, which has carved a niche in the field of information and partnership services in the social sector. Our driving force has been to provide holistic communication and networking platform to social sector organizations, CSR foundations and social enterprises. From online outreach services to on-ground event management, recruitment support to process management, we have partnered with a range of organizations in India. We network with over 95000 organizations in India by bringing their efforts to the right platform.


    Being the biggest development sector platform in India, we have always focused sharing opportunities. Our commitment and efforts have made us reach to over 20 million page-views and made us one of the fastest growing platforms in South Asia.


    With such an overwhelming response, we only aspire to take bigger leaps. We were the proud nominee for the 'Website of the Year 2013' by The Matrix Lab, the Netherlands in a category where our competitors were Wikipedia, Google and other public information platforms.

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