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  • As we all know a vast section of India’s population is affected with dire poverty and deprivation. As much as 21.9 % (as per World Bank) of India’s population, that is around 27 crore of our fellow citizens are under poverty line. Even some of those above poverty line are not much better off. The very basic needs like shelter and food are not met with. Healthcare is something most poor brethren of us in India can dream of. Government help is meager (Union budget allocation for health and family welfare for 2016 is Rs.38000 crores, only 1.92 % of budget)*. Even whatever help is provided is often misused and mismanaged. So there is a huge need of private enterprise to ameliorate the condition of underprivileged fellow humans.

    Rescue and Relief Foundation is an organization which aims to support as many of these destitutes, to whom even a very small help has worth like gold, as possible in a very efficient manner with least wastage.


    It is geared to provide the deprived people basic amenities of life and healthcare in a sustainable way by providing these people a way to earn something and support themselves and give them a life of health and dignity. Above all it aims to provide our unfortunate brothers, sisters, children, parents and grandparents two most important yet elusive things in life, namely ‘love’ and ‘care’ and bring smile and laughter of joy to those depressed and emaciated faces which have forgotten it.

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