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  • Nichiren Daishonin (Buddhist philosopher) said “treating with kindness...those whose circumstances are inferior to one’s own” is one of the most significant virtues of human life.


    ‘I am Jabala – I’ve stepped out from the myths to be here and now. Here is my child Satyakam with no father to recognize him. It is not my child’s fault, nor is it mine. You demand that he be known as his father’s child. I dare every conscious soul to help my child wake up to the light of truth.’----

    Jabala a Not for Profit organisation is formed out of social activism by Ms. Baitali Ganguly & Ms. Kusum Gupta when they observed the plight of the children of red light area during HIV/AIDs situational analysis and started its work in 1992 in Bowbazar Red Light area with 150 children of Commercial Sex Workers with an aim to prevent abuse & socially mainstream them by providing education, health and cultural support. Most of the children were unaware about their biological fathers, hence the organisation was named Jabala( a mythological unwed mother) and the projects as Satyakam( son of Jabala). Buoyed by the success of preventing second generation prostitution of the girls & boys becoming small time crooks the work spread to two other red light districts (Kalighat & Barrackpore) & slums (Pearabagan & Kalabagan). Based on surveys and researches later the work of Jabala extended to 09 districts of West Bengal focusing on the issue of Human Trafficking, HIV/AIDS, Child marriage, Child Abuse & Migration. Jabala is registered Society (Society Act Registration Number: S79239 1994-95)

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