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  • For the achievement of its goals ASHI conducts various kinds of activities all over India such as:


    There are hundreds of women of all ages who are either thrown out of their families or are forced to leave their homes. ASHI takes them in its fold through its various centres and helps them regain self esteem and self confidence. Different homes are being run by ASHI:


    Financed by Central Social Welfare Board, Ministry of Women & Child Development, ASHI runs Short Stay Homes in different States of India. Here women along with their children get total care-physical, social and psychological by dedicated management and caring staff. Literacy and vocational training form an integral part of the home care. Women here are also encouraged to take part in various income-generating activities. Wherever possible they are also encouraged to take up a job with some reliable agencies. Their children if they are small are given in-house care. Otherwise they are allowed to go to schools.

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