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  • Tea is a tonic for the soul- it calms us down and lifts our spirits up. It has transcended its label of being a simple beverage- indeed, drinking tea itself has earned a special distinction in the culinary as well as the ayurvedic world. India has always had a vibrant culture of drinking tea, and produces some of the finest teas in the world, with Indian tea brands gaining global recognition for their quality and finesse.

    But drinking tea isn’t all about the brand- it’s about the effort, care & love that is put behind the entire process.

    At Tychai, we place our faith in perfecting the tea experience and bring to you India’s Finest Teas- from the moment it leaves the garden to the moment you take that first sip, every tea leaf is treated with the utmost care.

    Unlike ordinary, off-the-shelf brands, our teas are chosen by experts and are carefully hand-crafted. By procuring our ingredients directly from the tea plantations, we guarantee peak freshness. No middlemen are involved in our entire process- we avoid the troubles of going through third-party warehouses and the mismanagement that comes with it. We use 100% natural herbs & spices to create premium-quality teas. A strict inventory control policy is in place, and we ensure that new stocks are available at all times. Our products are curated in small batches to maintain peak freshness.

    Every sip of Our Tea is replete with excellent taste and a freshness that transports you to those tea bush-laden hills, where seasoned tea-pickers work tirelessly to breathe life into our mantra- INDIA’S FINEST TEAS.

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