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  • Leading Indian companies with direct and allied interests in the non-alcoholic beverage industry have come together to form the Indian Beverage Association (IBA). These companies include Dabur India Ltd, Red Bull India Pvt. Ltd, Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd, Pearl Drinks Ltd, Bengal Beverage Ltd, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, Coca-Cola India and Pepsico India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. The Indian Soft Drinks Manufacturers Association (ISDMA) is also a member of the IBA. The Indian Beverage Association is the first such industry organization in India. It intends to act as a common voice for the non-alcoholic beverage industry and play an increasingly significant role in the growth of this sector, a sector that drives the economy by providing employment opportunities and driving Income growth.

    IBA aims to bring together all stakeholders to a common platform to promote growth of the non-alcoholic industry. The Association will serve as an inter-face between the industry, the government and the public, besides providing a unified and focussed viewpoint in respect of legislative and regulatory matters. It will also serve as a platform to share and exchange knowledge and information on industry best practices related to non-alcoholic beverage Industry. We are hopeful that we will shortly be able to get other leading players of the industry to join the Association.”


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