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  • The word " Dubbwala " in Marathi when literally translated, means "one who carries a box". "Dubba" means a box (usually a cylindrical tin or aluminium container), while "wala" is a suffix, denoting a doer or holder of the preceding word. The closest meaning of the Dubbwala in English would be the "lunch box delivery man". Though this profession seems to be simple, it is actually a highly specialized service in Mumbai which is over a century old and has become integral to the cultural life of this city.

    The concept of the Dubbwala originated when India was under British rule. Many British people who came to the colony did not like the local food, so a service was set up to bring lunch to these people in their workplace straight from their home. Nowadays, although Indian business men are the main customers for the dubbawalas, increasingly affluent families employ them instead for lunch delivery to their school-aged children. Even though the services provided might include cooking, it primarily consists of only home delivery food service in kolkata or in that latter case, food ordered from a restaurant.

    We at Kolkata have just taken the name Dubbwala and trying our level best to provide the service as they do at Mumbai. But the only difference we do have with the actual Dubbwalas are that they carry the cooked food from Customer's residence to another destination but here we only trying to cook delicious bengali food and get it delivered at Customer's premises either it may be office or even may be at home in our Dubbas.

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