Sundarban Hilsa Festival 2023

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  • Sundarban Hilsa Festival is an annual event hosted by Adrija Travels in Sundarbans. It is also a unique Ilish Utsab Sundarban 2023, spread over the months of July, August And September every year. So come and join these Sundarban tour in monsoon, enjoy the mesmerizing scenic beauty and be a part of the Sundarban Hilsa Festival 2023. Gosaba Becon Bunglow & Rabindra Nath Tagore Bunglow, Hamilton Sahib Bunglow, Birds Jungle, Pakhiralaya, Pirkhali, Gajikhali, Banbibi Varani, Panchamukhani (Five Rever Junctions), Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve area & Watch tower, Pakhiralaya Island, Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve forest, Mangrove Interpretation Centre, Sajnekhali Watch tower.

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