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  • Charotar University of Science and Technology – CHARUSAT has been conceived by Shri Charotar Moti Sattavis Patidar Kelavani Mandal to put India on global education map by making Charotar – the Land of Sardar Patel, a Global Education Hub.

    Kelavani Mandal, established in 1994, is a non-profit premier trust of India that works with the aim to provide social service through education. The organization has a social lineage of more than 125 years. The parent organization, Shri Charotar Moti Sattavis Leuva Patidar Samaj– Matrusanstha- is known for the social revolution it brought about by initiating Mass Marriages in Patidar community on a massive scale.

    Kelavani Mandal has been established with the distinct objective of creating state-of-the-art educational facilities. The trust is a democratically managed institution known for its transparent functioning and integrity.

    The Kelavani Mandal is the sponsoring body of CHARUSAT. The development path of Kelavani Mandal was illuminated under the leadership of two former Presidents: Late Shri Chhotabhai Bhikhabhai Patel and Late Dr. K C Patel. Late Shri Chhotabhai Bhikhabhai Patel was an illustrious businessman and social leader based in Mumbai. This founder President of Kelavani Mandal always insisted on setting Global Standards. Late Dr. K C Patel, a renowned nuclear scientist and a prominent educationist of Gujarat, succeeded Shri Chhotabhai Bhikhabhai Patel, and dreamt of a university at Education Campus, Changa (ECC).

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