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  • Edward Food Research and Analysis Centre (EFRAC), one of the largest integrated food testing and research facilities in India. EFRAC's strength lies in the highly qualified and skilled scientist, most sophisticated equipment and modern technology. It is all set to be the leading food safety solution provider offering a wide range of technical advice and consultation to the Indian food industry.

    Food Testing, as an industry has witnessed a paradigm shift in the last decade with growing awareness about the quality and safety of food. Another factor that has triggered phenomenal advancement in testing and certification techniques is the discernment among consumers and their demand for being absolutely conversant with products that are being used. So, EFRAC offers independent, efficient and cost effective research and analytical services that will facilitate reduction of business risk for all players in the Food Processing Industry across the Country. Ministry of Food Processing Industries, GOI, has technically scrutinized the entire project and sanctioned grant.

    The enormous growth in the Food & Agriculture sector in this era of rapid globalization does pose proportionate risks to consumers for food safety. To combat the threats, Government of India has framed several stringent norms, which are covered under 'Food Safety & Standards Acts of India' (FSSA). With the implementation of FSSA, the food safety policies and hygiene control are becoming more rigorous, and thereby the Food processing industries have to gear up to meet this challenging environment. India thus requires ultra modern futuristic laboratories for the analysis of food samples. However, at the moment we have very few laboratories in the country, which are at par with national and International benchmarks.

    At this juncture, with the sole objective of serving customers with complete solutions, EFRAC has nurtured the vision to have one such laboratory in India, which is at par with laboratories of international repute.

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