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  • Founded in 2016, MediGence is the key healthcare technology player in the medical travel industry which provides patients worldwide with a single, unique, and seamless platform for all medical needs, from searching and comparing to booking and reviewing.

    Following the HIPAA and GDPR compliances, MediGence became one of the first companies certified by TEMOS for upholding international quality standards.

    Following our brand statement ‘Enabling Better Healthcare Decisions’, we are focused on empowering our medical travelers to take the right healthcare decisions using technology and create a better experience for their treatment overseas.

    We aid our patients in opting for the best destinations with unparalleled medical treatment and our team of experts to consider every possible aspect of their journey and accompany them on a reliant road to recovery.

    We fulfill a wide range of healthcare needs in 20+ global destinations with over 400+ internationally accredited hospitals and our vast network of MediGence care executives, doctors and specialists fulfill full case operational demands and offer on ground services round the clock.

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