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  • Company Name - Megh Rasayan private Limited Product Name - PNTOSA Company Address - Plot-No.546, Sector-3, Industrial Area,454775, Pithampur,Madhya Pradesh,INDIA Company Mo. No. - 9685365400 Website - About Company - Megh Rasayan Private Limited is one of India's leading manufacturers, exporters & suppliers of Para Nitro Toluene Ortho Sulphonic Acid (PNT-OSA). Its chemical name is 4-Nitrotoluene-2-sulfonic acid. The CAS Number of Para Nitro Toluene Ortho Sulphonic Acid (PNT-OSA) is 121-03-09. It is a crystal with a gray or brown color, and its empirical formula is C 7 H7NO5S. PNTOSA is acid used for intermediating dye stuff and the most common commercial name for this product is PNTOSA. If you use Para Nitro Toluene Ortho Sulphonic Acid, you should always keep it away from fire or high temperature because it is easily incendiary. We offer PNTOSA with over 80% minimum purity. It can be used to various products because of its quality and durability. Get in touch with us, and we can guarantee that you will get your high-quality PNTOSA. We aim at providing our valued customers quality products and consistency thereof. We apply total quality management approach in our business. We adopt system to test the products at every stage to ensure consistent quality so that our customers can get perfect products by all means. It is with our team’s invaluable assistance & their in-depth knowledge about chemicals and their application, that we have been able to supply clinically upgraded quality of chemicals with most cost effectiveness. To aid the skilled workforce, we have implemented several techniques and a well-equipped laboratory, our Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with the sophisticated testing instruments as well. If You are Looking Best PNTOSA Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier India | Indonesia | USA | Austrailia | Canada. PNTOSA manufacturer in Pithampur, PNTOSA Supplier in Pithampur, PNTOSA India. So get in touch with Megh Rasayan For More info visit us -

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