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  • Ferro Curves is one stop solution provider for production houses seeking custom factory automation to ramp-up production capacity. We supply high-end engineering equipment to world-class manufacturers serving in industries such as Battery, Welding, Packaging, Paint & more since 1985.

    We have a proven track record of over three decades of providing engineering solutions designed to cost effectively enhance your production, primarily by replacing human interference with machine automation which eliminates bottle necks from your production line. With expertise in machine designing coupled with knowledge of critical hydraulic, pneumatic & robotic systems we provide a tailor-made system to fit your exact production need. The advantages of having an inhouse fabrication & CNC Machine shop reflects in superior built quality of our machines. Our electronics division helps us maintain meaningful technical edge in the industry when it comes to delivering sophisticated automation systems with innovative ideas.

    Our approach to making your customized machine begins by listening to your expectation and by knowing about the parameters within which the system will operate, based on these information we design machine which can be comfortably adopted by your production team. Like any good automation system provider Ferro Curves is flexible and always ready with cost-effective solutions that will enhance your production capacity and at the same time make sure that the system design is robust and will demand minimum maintenance and shorter overall down time. We provide just the right level of factory automation to fit your need. Our products symbolize quality and long-term commitment to our customers. Commitment to strident ethical standards incorporated with creative engineering makes Ferro Curves capable of optimally satisfy your production needs.

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