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  • Back in 2001, Shri Satyanarayan Agarwal and Shri Amit Agarwal laid the foundation stone for Amith Group with intent of bringing the nation closer to finer quality marbles and granites that boasts of superior design and innovation.

    Our wisdom comes from our experience, which we gained all across our journey in an effort to deliver the best service with care and personal touch. The philosophy that guided us in our 18 years of business is “Quality delivered with care, makes all the difference”.

    With best in-house craftsmanship, a range of skilled services and trained professionals, we have helped make the process of creating a home space both enjoyable and stress-free for our customers. Our products are sourced from various countries and are of the finest quality and variety. Our clients include quite a few eminent personalities from the business houses of India. From interior aesthetics to plumbing – we are there for our customers through the entire process. The result is a happy and consistently growing customer bank that trusts Amith Group without a question.

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