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  • Universal Granimarmo Pvt Ltd., started in June 2013, is one of India’s biggest providers and exporters of granite, marble, sandstone, slates and quartzites, cobbles, pebbles, and quartz. We combine the world’s highest quality materials with cutting edge technology to create worktops that are visually stunning and precisely measured to meet your requirements. With a lot of expertise in customer requirements and global market demands, we spent several years developing relationships with the best quarries and suppliers around the globe.

    Our directors come with more than 20 years of experience in the stone industry and we have established ourselves through consistently delivering professional and affordable service with excellent customer support. At Universal Granimarmo, we are now one of the biggest and finest stone manufacturing units with the latest technology in multi-cutter machines and polishing machines with the S-curve technology.

    Our focus is exclusively on natural stones and quartz and through dedicated hard work and experience, we can provide advice on all topics relating to natural and made stones and will guide you through the entire purchasing process, masonry designs, offer technical support and much more. We export to several countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, other Gulf Countries, Russia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Turkey, Kenya, Europe and the US, and many more.

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