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  • Established in 2003, Kutchina is the leading kitchen appliances brand in India. As India’s complete kitchen solution brand, we are doing more than the kitchen, we believe we are shaping and transforming ideas for living across a million homes, This belief forms our core , our purpose and defined everything we do- from foraying into newer products and segments to introducing newer, more efficient technologies for ever a decade

    A pioneer in kitchen chimneys brand & the first to have introduced auto clean technology, Now it has been developed to I-Auto clean chimneys– A chimney equipped with an intelligent system that not only understand the user cooking style but also time constraints . The I-auto clean chimneys therefore sets self cleaning schedule as per cooking frequency and cleans itself s without even the touch of button.

    The company has stormed the Indian kitchen industry with this world class technology, It is this eye on the future that helped us to pioneer India’s first Auto clean chimney and it continues to inspire us to innovate every day.

    Currently, Kutchina boasts about its customer base with 300 + distributors & 4000+ dealers – spread all over the country. We are also associated with top brands like PS Group , Mani Group and Govt institution which holds substantial value in the market.

    Kutchina is one such company which provides entire kitchen solution, its extension lies in 4 main verticals.

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