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    he old native American saying reads, ‘If you ever feel lost in your journey, look up to the sky and the stars will guide you’.Such is the relationship between people on a pursuit and the stars, quite literally and metaphorically too.

    The year 2019 and the feud of people against Grahas and Naxatras is ever raging as in the primitive years. We choose to call it a feud because meant as the guiding lights to people, the relationship equation between the stars and followers is not always as smooth and bright as it might seem to be in the first go. The equilibrium is mostly turbulent than stable and to balance out the necessary and unnecessary aspects of it, people took the help of gemstones and other valuable stones.

    The question that now arises is where do we get the purest of gems and stones, as the genuineness of stones is the last and most vital brick that bridges following relationship equation.Established in the year 1986, Utkalika Gems has worked its way to the top in the gemstone business.

    We have made it our priority to bring to our customers the most genuine and purest of gems and stones. 

    One of the household names in the gemstones market of Bhubaneswar and in Odisha, our service that ranges over decades is the alimony to our quality of service and values.With over 80 forms of gemstones available at our exclusive store we invite you to test and try our range of valuables.

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