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  • r. Sridev Shastri is another name of famous Astrologer in Kolkata, who served the country including Kolkata for the last 25 years full time with his accurate genuine scientific predictions. He born & bought up in Kolkata, by birth he is Hindhu Bramin, & ancestors were Astrologers. Following the trend, Dr. Sridev also expertise his skills in the field of Astrology by practicing for 25 Years- which made him an accurate astrology predictioner. With so many Fake Gurus, today It is most important to identify between Real & fake Ones. Keeping Mind that Dr. Shastri always welcomes you in his chamber for the first time visit for Geniune Solution.

    Have you ever thought about problems that occur in your life, despite putting in all efforts? Maybe the Business related problems, Financial losses, Family or Property Issues, Vastu problem, health Issues, Love related disputes, External Marriage related affairs, etc. Well, the answer to some questions is only given by astrology. Astrology says that the position of stars and other planets matters a lot in your life. He always suggests to discuss or consult with a good counsellor-Astrologer & solve the issues. He also provides Online Consultation for any kind of real-life disputes including love, marriage related. Dr. Shastri offers a range of astrology services at reasonable prices. These include numerology, gemology, palmistry, love psychic readings, horoscope and birth chart analysis, Marriage Problem Solution, Love Problem Expert, Education, Legal, Business, Career Etc. His astrological remedies and innovative solutions have always helped him to eliminate the life problems of people. No doubt he is one of the best astrologers in Kolkata for solving Vastu Shastra, Horoscope, Love marriage related issues in India.

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