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    Taluka’s the eminent name in Rajasthan for their services they have been providing since 1962, when Shri Rameshwar Lalji Laid the foundation of Taluka Tent Decorators, which is now lead by his son Shri Raj Kumar Taluka.

    TTD enjoys the reputation of being one of the premier rental firms providing equipment for a wide range of events including high profile weddings, Rajput Wedding, corporate events and exclusive venues.

    Taluka’s also extend their venture, being leading exporters of tents. Suppliers of tents, traditional tents, canopiesmarquees and commercial tents, Taluka Tent Overseas is known for their outstanding services and quality. Under the flagship brand "Taluka Tent Overseas". Our inventory ranges from sizes suited to a backyard barbecue, to a down dinner for thousands. Our long experience in providing tented accommodation for all types of events enables us to help you choose the one, which best suits your events.

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