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  • We are manufacturer of Wide Variety of Merchandise to make your brand show up we manufacture: Sports Uniform and school Accessories : School belt, School Tie, School Socks, School Metal Badge, School Cloth Badge, School Uniform T-shirt, School Uniform Track Pant, School Uniform Shorts ,School Uniform Skirts, Sublimation Sports Wear, Printed t-shirt. We Also Manufacture Industrial Nameplate: Customized Etched Stainless steel Name Plate, Customized Etched Brass Name Plate, Custom Engraved MS Name Plate, Custom Engraved/Etched Aluminum Name Plate, Anodized Aluminum Nameplate and Printed Aluminum Name Plate, ,Custom Engraved/Etched Zinc Name Plate ,Custom Engraved/Etched Magnesium Name Plate.

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