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  • Onqaholidays is one of the fastest growing holidays’ experience creator -  Yes!!, you read it right…. We are not just a company to earn monies and acquire clients, however, a concept mixed with passion.

    The inception of onqaholidays did not intend to just create a travel organization or compete with and follow any of the industry legends. It all happened for a passion. A passion to provide niche and extremely special travel experiences for travel lovers.

    Our founders & Team members, with their personal travel experiences and love for exclusive vacations, came up with this idea. We want to do everything with our travel packages EXCEPT those offered by millions of websites and packages from around the globe which is repetitive, common & long-listed. We want you to just say “IT WAS DIFFERENT”

    You Must know, every destination and itinerary in our packages was drawn ONLY after one of our management team members personally experienced!

    Within a span of just 2 years, we have been successful in delivering extremely special travel experiences to our guests and give them a treatment none have given them before. We guarantee a 25% money back if you could give us a logical compliant on the service front.

    Onqaholidays offers’ travel experiences and Visa solutions in UAE, INDIA & Singapore

    We have our offices and your personal travel buddy in all the 3 countries to personally pick you up from the desired airport/railway station (Fixed pickup point at some destinations)

    Think well & trust us once !

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