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  • The objective of PTCPL is to deliver a quality, reliable and personalised service with simplicity, honesty, integrity & transparency.

    Our Core Business is to provide transport solution by truck/trailer throughout India. A constantly increasing transport volume requires innovative transport solutions which saves time and money. Since 1986 Poddar Transport Corporation Private Limited (PTCPL) has carried out pioneering work in the development of consolidated logistics.

    Over the years, we have built up an extensive and reliable network in India. Our success has been built on getting the simple things right. We employ skilled people, leading freight management technology and have a strong focus on innovation, communication and client care. Before we do anything, we take time to understand our clients’ specific needs. Then, we develop smart solutions that not only work, but provide economies of scale, choice and quality.

    PTCPL understands that every client has their own specific requirements and expectations when it comes to their Transport & Logistics. PTCPL commitment to excellence and our flexible partnership approach ensures that our clients can focus their attention on their own business needs rather than spending valuable time and resources on their transport requirements.

    Operating successfully since 1986, PTCPL provides a fully integrated service moving small, large and bulk freight items.

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