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  • ODC Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (formally known as ODC Carriers Pvt. Ltd.), headquartered in Kolkata, was incorporated in the year 1986, with an objective to cater in the niche segment of ODC (Odd Dimensional Cargo) transport industry. Due to specialization and development of various activities in the field of transport activities, the word ‘Carriers’ was changed to logistics in the year 2004 to give a wider image. During the period of almost three decades, ODC has always been endeavouring to optimize technologies, speed, quality, affordability & overall dependability with the combined skills & management & leadership qualities. ODC till date has been very successfully in securing new business, tenders & contracts.

    Strong systems & controls procedures have led the company to certification of ISO and Indian Bankers Association.

    ODC strives to provide excellent & highly efficient logistics services by offering the clients integration specialization as well as providing them with a customized logistics solution.

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