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  • Transportation plays a very crucial role in any industry. It has direct bearing on the COST and on the EFFICIENCY of any industrial operation. With the opening up of economy, it is imperative for any industry to optimize its operations and minimize its cost. There is an ever-increasing effort forwards minimizing inventory of raw material as well as of finished goods. Distribution cost is becoming THE deciding factor in determining the market boundaries for any industry. The speed of operation of the underlying transportation is very critical in the total working of any industry in such a scenario; it pays to be very selective in choosing a transport company that can fulfill your objectives.

    NEL provides 'a one stop shop' for all your procurement and distribution needs. It is a truly multi-modal transport company. It is geared to perform best in most critical of operations where time bound services are a must. An extensive infrastructure in North East Sector manages such critical needs of the cream of Indian industries. NEL has its own fleet of trucks and trailers. Besides this there is an associated fleet of over 250 vehicles placed on strategic routes giving trouble free and prompt service.

    NEL is approved by Major player in Oil & Gas Exploration, Telecummnications & Cement sector etc.

    NEL's Founder, Sh. Babu Ram Gupta started this organization way back in 1988 in a modest way at U.P. Border (near Ghaziabad). In the last 1.5 decades NEL has grown to present size having turnover of 200 Millions. Its operations span the entire length and breadth of the country. This has been possible due to the sincere hard work put in by a strong team of dedicated individuals.

    NEL is totally committed to modern technology and ready to meet the present day challenges of transport revolution. The new and innovative services like "Express Cargo Services", "Turnkey Project services" and "Total Logistics Services" show this. Types of material and delivery times are no bars for NEL. NEL offers a comprehensive "Transportation and Custom Clearance" services to Bangladesh.

    NEL takes pride in its work and it shows. NEL is deeply committed to give quality service at the best possible rates to all the esteemed clients. It shows in its list of esteemed clients, which form a sizable group of the best corporate industries in India. NEL values the trust shown by its clients and all individuals at NEL work hard to live up to that expectation.

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