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  • Jamuna Transport Corporation Ltd. is one of the leading Car Transportation Service Provider in India. At Jamuna Transport Corporation Ltd, our goal is to provide the best and secure car transportation service to our clients. Our branches are located all over India comprising major cities, mostly adjacent to Car Manufacturing Units. We simply transport your car to your exact destination by our own car carrier with extra care.

    Our highly trained professionals take every steps possible to follow some standard operating procedure to ensure that every car is picked up and delivered in damage free condition, with the help of technology we have integrated real time tracking device in all our vehicle to ensure consignment is safe and it reaches the destination as per schedule date and time. We have inherited good values and ethics from our ancestors which spearheaded our business growth in continuous and stable manner, we being one of the oldest car carrier company had learnt a lot through phases about business transition and rapid change in vehicle articulation to robust advancement of technology. While serving almost every Car Manufacturer we realised that to deliver service commitment to customer we should own our vehicle to have better control and flexibility on designing and offering customise service. So did we continue to serve highly sensitive clients through our own fleet.

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