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  • With 10 years of experience, Concord Cargo provides a wide network of transport service to and from the whole world by sea/air/land Reliable agents and carriers, the personal touch, long experience in the field and the employment of highly qualified personal in key positions are just some of the elements. Concord Cargo was established in 1999, to cater to the needs of shippers & consignees, on the look out for an efficient International Freight-Forwarder, who can offer a range of services under one roof and with a view to offering a one stop solution for fulfilling to the needs of Exporters & Importers. We can offer air export/ import to /from over 350 cities around the world.

    Concord Cargo offers worldwide airfreight services in association with its extensive international network of Agents. Customer’s profit from airfreight services are precisely tailored to the special needs for each and every shipment. We work in close association with our network of overseas counterparts and can handle Cuistomer’s Cargo to & fro from any destination in the world.Whether it is direct flights with reserved cargo capacity and constant supervision, regularly consolidated air -cargo departures, or special projects. We can meet any kind of requirement regarding special projects.

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