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  • Presto” is a brand owned by Mohan Impressions Pvt Ltd , a Company incorporated in 1995 and has been pioneer in the field of Personalised Gifts. Based in Kolkata , PRESTO is today India’s Leading Solution Provider for people who want to enter the business of Personalised Gifts with a wide array of Solutions like : Sublimation, Laser Engraving – CO2,Fibre and 3D Crystal, Sancarving, Plotter+Vinyl T Shirt Project, Button Badge, Mobile Skin, Digital Printing etc.

    As an industry leader, we put our R&D department to work on new products all the time and implementing those across the chain at right time to stay ahead of the competition. When you join hands with us, you can be assured of remaining ahead of the learning curve with new Projects and Products all the time.

    Given it’s more than two decades of goodwill, PRESTO is  very sensitive about customer satisfaction. In order to offer best services through our franchisee and dealer chain, we have placed a customer feedback and grievance cell where a customer can write their experience with any Presto across India. We also ensure that the corrective action is taken from the concerned sales point.

    We aim to be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization and will continue to offer a portfolio of quality products and services that satisfies people’s desires and needs. Besides, considering the present growth rate of the brand, we are upbeat about the accomplishing our target of operating 500 outlets across India and 10 outlets overseas by 2020. We also want to establish Presto as one of the most admired brand in the Gifting industry.

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