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  • Industrial Equipment Suppliers is one of the oldest and the leading manufacturer and marketer of industrial safety products and welding in India.

    Since its founding in 1963, Industrial Equipment Suppliers, has been committed in providing its consumers and traders with the highest quality of Industrial Safety products. Our company is one of the undisputed leader in supplying reliable and innovative products to protect people. We also provide Industrial Safety goggles - a trademark product of  our Company. With these commitments, and along with the company’s focus on environmental and public safety issues has enabled the company and its brands to sustain growth for over 45 years. In the years to come our company will continue to deliver on those commitments, while at the same time providing our loyal patrons with innovative and helpful industrial safety products. We not only supply products with standard sizes but can also cater to your own personal needs. We realize that much of the responsibility is ours, but we also realize that our success is predicated on the continued support of our customer.

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