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  • The Directorate of Technical Education and Training of India (DTETI) is an autonomous educational board under the Government of India. It is the sole governing authority responsible for the regulation of Diploma courses in Technical Institutes. DTETI contributes towards implementing strategies that facilitate DTETI is also responsible for implementing the strategies by programs focused on faculty development, student development while also stimulating interactions between Educational Institutes and the industry. The board works as a supervisor by monitoring academic development and progress via online tests and activities. and this consists of a major portion of DTETI.

    The board is keenly focused on skill development and places a lot of emphasis on broadening services offered. The syllabus undergoes developments and revision on a regular basis to be updated with the latest trends and standards set by the industry. This ensures that Diploma holders are skilled and are able to perform at par with other students and degree holders.The Board is closely updated on the recent news within the industrial spectrum and implement feedback and suggestions to internal processes. It makes sure that the technologies are up-to-date with market standards and the teaching-learning pedagogy is maintained with a modern-yet-simplistic approach towards the same. Diploma admission in the state, albeit the development, is taking a downward turn with each passing year. I wish to charge all my efforts into initiating programs that bring in the importance of Diploma degrees. I will do so by making use of technological advances and innovations so that the rural population of our country also takes part in educating themselves to create a better future for themselves, their family as well as the society. With this, I would like to appeal to stakeholders to make this vision a reality bringing their best foot forward. I assure you that if we stand together, we can create a better future for our students and our society. This is both my mission and my promise to you.

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