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  • Sagore Dutt Charitable Hospital and Dispensary initially started as a philanthropic organization with an objective of all round health care of the poor peasants and industrial workers of Kamarhati and adjoining areas. Its immense service to fulfill the objectives was recognized when the Medical Secretary, Dr. Anderson, on his India tour, visited ‘a rural hospital and dispensary situated outside Calcutta, the Sagore Dutt Charitable Hospital and Dispensary’ in January, 1937.[4] The institute was taken over by the Government of West Bengal when it passed the Sagore Dutt Hospital Act, 1958.[5]

    Considering the dearth of medical professionals in West Bengal with the Doctor:Population ratio of 1:2600, Government of West Bengal decided to start a new medical college with a capacity of 100 MBBS student, in a strategic location of Kamarhati, which is the gateway of North Kolkata. In 2010, the Government of West Bengal issued a memo in which a sanction was accorded to set up a medical college, with an intake of 100 MBBS students, in the campus of the Sagore Dutt Hospital.[6]

    After the inspection by M.C.I. team in 2011, Letter of Permission was received by the Authority of College of Medicine & Sagore Dutta Hospital on 30/06/2011 . Classes for the first year M.B.B.S. course commenced on 1 August 2011. The college has received recognition for all M.B.B.S. degrees granted on or after February, 2016.[7]

    The DMLT and DRD courses started in the Academic Year 2014-15. The DPT, DOPT, DOTT and ECG courses started from 2015. The DCCT course was started from 2016.

    The Post Graduate courses started in 2019, thus becoming the first college in West Bengal established after 2005 to provide Post Graduate courses.

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