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  • Mission

    Barefoot College International aspires to increase economic mobility by making vocational and educational opportunities accessible to women and girls from the most marginalized communities around the world.



    Through this mission Barefoot College International seeks to ensure that every woman and girl has the skills and knowledge she needs to be a catalyst for change to the benefit of herself, her family and her entire community.


    Non-Negotiable Values


    Every member of the team is equally important and respected. An individual’s education, gender, caste or class does not make her or him any less or more valuable.

    Collective Decision Making

    The structure of the organization is largely flat, encouraging a free flow of information and giving voice to the concerns of all the groups, making everyone accountable to each other.


    Decentralisation of planning and implementation at the grassroot levels, enabling and empowering individuals to articulate their needs.


    The College was born out of the belief that when people develop self-confidence and join together to solve problems, they learn that they can depend on themselves.


    Austerity in thoughts and actions, as well as a lack of barriers and levels that prevent direct interaction, has resulted in a sense of ownership towards the College.

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