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  • Vision of the University

     To become a Centre of Excellence and to contribute to the society through the pursuit of teaching and research in the emerging areas in each branch of modern science, engineering and technology, social studies, and humanities with a deep passion for wisdom, culture and values.

    Mission of the University

     To nurture and produce forward-looking students with a focus on their intellectual, moral, and social development enabling them to excel in their chosen field of work in society, industry, business and academia.


    Motto of the University

    The motto of the University is “Advancement of Education and Culture” in Arabic, “Taqdeem-ut-Ta'leem wa-as Saqafah.”


    The Objects of the University as mentioned in Aliah University Act, 2007:

    1. to create educational opportunities for higher education and studies;
    2. to encourage study of modern technological and professional courses along with classical languages, oriental studies, religious studies and Islamic culture;
    3. to promote higher education amongst the Minorities in the State;
    4. to disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional, educational, research and extension facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit;
    5. to provide students and teachers, the conducive atmosphere and necessary facilities for the promotion of –
    1. innovations in education leading to restructuring of courses, new methods of teaching and learning and integral development of personality,
    2. studies in various disciplines,
    3. inter-disciplinary studies;
    1. to develop centres of excellence for higher studies and research in theology, Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic culture, comparative religion, science and technology, professional and management education in the State by joint initiative i. e. State-Private partnership, if required;
    2. national integration, secularism, international understanding, non-violence and humanism;

    to avail better scope and opportunities to serve the societies and the Nation.

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